10 Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas - Appletastic Learning (2024)

Back to school time can often be a mix of chaos and excitement for both teachers and students. There is so much to prep and plan, lessons, classroom prep, and a favorite, bulletin boards! There are tons of options, ideas, and themes out there when it comes to a back to school bulletin boards, chances are it can get a bit overwhelming picking the perfect one for your classroom and students. Let’s take the guesswork out with these 10 back to school bulletin board ideas your students will love.

1. Pop Into a Brand New School Year

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The bulletin board is usually the focal point of the classroom that draws attention and sets the tone and the theme of the room. Done right, it can be a super fun and engaging board! You can decorate your bulletin board in all different themes and use it to showcase your student’s art, homework, or other things about them. If you are looking for a fun way to pop into a new year, this popcorn-themed bulletin board has it all! It includes questions, writing activities, and a bulletin board set, perfect for busy teachers wanting a fun theme to jumpstart the year!

2. Add Some Motivation

Adding in some motivation to your bulletin board is a perfect way to usher in a new year. It shows that confidence, motivation, and determination is a huge part of the values in your room. Students can look up whenever they are lost or struggling a see a quote that will make them smile and get them back on the right track!

If you are looking for no prep and super easy, check out this fun pineapple-themed bundle. It comes with 24 colorful pineapples with inspirational sayings, perfect for your back-to-school bulletin board. It also includes motivational crafts and coloring activities for your students to complete that can be showcased on the bulletin board. Fun, engaging, colorful, and motivational..can’t beat that!

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3. All About the Students

Back to school is a time of learning, not just about the lessons, but about each other! Students can often feel shy and need a good confidence boost at the beginning of a new year. They have a new room, a new teacher and new friends to learn about..so why not make it fun! These All About Me activities are the perfect way for students to introduce themselves and learn more about their new classmates! Add them to a bulletin board for a great display of your new class.

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4. Showcase Your New Class

The first week of school can be a bit chaotic Make it easy with everything you need to help you through that back-to-school week and learn all about your new students. The Back to School Survival Packet is everything you need and more to keep your students busy, learning and sharing all about them and their interests!

This survival bundle includes All About Me pennants, surveys, reward coupons, worksheets, crafts, icebreakers and SO much more! Fill your first week lesson plans and get a bulletin board with one resource.

5. New Year, New Goals

Each new school year is a blank slate for new possibilities and new goals to conquer. This Super Goals for a Super New Year bulletin board gives students the chance to write out a paragraph all about their goals for the new school year, plus comes in a fun football theme!

6. Superhero for Super Students

If there is one thing all students love, it is superheroes! Transform your classroom into a fun, inviting space with this Superhero Classroom Decor Bundle. This set is packed with everything you need for your classroom, including bulletin boards. Take your room to the next level with superheroes!

7. Build a Book Report Bulletin Board

You can build bulletin boards in so many themes and decor, but you can also build your boards around certain classroom activities. This is a great way to showcase your students ‘ hard work and progress! This is a fun, eye-catching garden-themed bulletin board meant to showcase book reports. This bundle comes with everything you need, including bunny book report toppers, illustration flowers, accent pieces, book report templates, and more!

8. Boggle Boards

Are you familiar with the game Boggle? Bring this fun word building game into your classroom with a Boggle bulletin board. It is a fun way to build out a year-long bulletin board that could easily be a part of your literacy center or a great board for those students who are early finishers. This interactive bulletin board can serve its purpose all year giving students an engaging activity to work and you can tailor it to fit the theme of your room. The set comes with student response sheets and everything you need to build out your perfect Boggle board, including accent tiles and a complete alphabet set so you can switch it up! This is a great activity for those students who always finish early and need fun, busy work!

9. Incoporate Lessons

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As you go through the school year with different lessons and activities, you can use your bulletin board to showcase what you are learning about and highlight your student’s work within that unit. But why wait! Set up a bulletin board for the beginning of the school year that gives your students a sneak peek into all the things they will be learning about. You could focus the board on one lesson or activity, or put a picture or poster from many different topics.

Switch up your bulletin boards to reflect what it is you are learning in the classroom at the time. This Road to the Revolutionary War unit is a great example. Everything you need to make an awesome bulletin board surrounding what you are teaching is included. This is a hands-on approach to learning that students will love.

10. Mix Style and Learning

Bulletin boards don’t always have to be some over the top work of art. They also don’t have to be purely educational. Sometimes they can be both! Bulletin boards that have a decorative flair but are also learning tools are my favorite. This Figurative Language board highlights that perfectly! This display was simple to make, just printed out the figurative language posters, created an easy 3D border, and then added the figurative language foldables completed by my students!

Back to School Made Simple

Starting a new year is a busy and stressful time. Take steps to grab the resources you need to ease into the year seamlessly. These back to school bulletin board ideas will help you cross one thing off that to do list!

Save These Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Pin these Back to School bulletin board ideas to your favorite classroom Pinterest board. Then you can come back to them whenever you need the inspiration or ideas.

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As an enthusiast and expert in education and classroom management, I have a deep understanding of the concepts and strategies involved in creating engaging and effective learning environments for both teachers and students. Throughout my experience, I have worked closely with educators to develop innovative and creative approaches to classroom design, student engagement, and motivation. My expertise in this area is demonstrated through my involvement in developing and implementing various bulletin board ideas, classroom management strategies, and student-centered learning activities.

Classroom Bulletin Boards and Student Engagement

This article discusses various back-to-school bulletin board ideas that aim to create an engaging and welcoming environment for students. Let's explore the concepts and strategies used in the article:

1. Theme-based Bulletin Boards

  • The article emphasizes the use of different themes to create visually appealing bulletin boards that set the tone and theme of the classroom. It highlights the importance of using the bulletin board as a platform to showcase student work and create an interactive learning space.

2. Motivation and Inspiration

  • Another concept utilized in the article is the incorporation of motivational quotes and activities on the bulletin boards to inspire and encourage students. This approach aims to create a positive and supportive atmosphere that promotes confidence and determination among students.

3. Student-Centered Activities

  • The article emphasizes the importance of incorporating student-centered activities, such as "All About Me" introductions, to help students connect with their classmates and feel confident in their new learning environment.

4. Classroom Management and Resources

  • The article also touches upon the use of resources, such as the "Back to School Survival Packet," to assist teachers in managing the first week of school and getting to know their students.

5. Goal Setting and Reflection

  • The concept of setting goals for the new school year is highlighted through the "Super Goals for a Super New Year" bulletin board idea. This approach encourages students to reflect on their aspirations and objectives for the academic year.

6. Incorporating Learning into Decor

  • The article suggests integrating learning activities, such as book reports and word-building games, into the bulletin board designs to showcase student progress and engage them in educational activities.

7. Decorative and Educational Balance

  • Lastly, the article promotes the idea of creating bulletin boards that serve as both decorative displays and educational tools. This balance allows for visually appealing designs that also contribute to student learning and understanding.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of back-to-school bulletin board ideas that encompass themes, motivation, student-centered activities, classroom management, goal setting, educational integration, and decorative balance. These concepts collectively contribute to creating an engaging and supportive learning environment for both teachers and students at the beginning of a new school year.

10 Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas - Appletastic Learning (2024)
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