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I been late on my period for about 3 months now, and i have taken numerous pregnancy test and they all come back negative. I have been extremely tired and have not been feeling well at all. I tend to get pain in my back and lower abdomin every once in a while, kind of like mentrual cramps. I havent had any bleeding at all so could i still be pregnant even tho i keep getting negative results?

any help would be appreciated



hey, i dont think u r pregnant, do u have irregular periods? i am going through the same thing i didnt get my period for over 2 months now n i have been feeling so tired n pain at my lower back n abdomin n my breasts n i felt sick all the time but the second i took the pregnancy test n the result was negative all the symptoms were gone, u see the body is connected to the brain, u think u r pregnant ur body gives u the syptoms.. trust the pregnancy tests these procedures r very updated now n they r 99% accuraite so relax . u can go to a gynecologist if u r not still not sure.



Vary rarely a result doesn't show on a home pregnancy test. If you really think you might be pregnant, get a blood test as they are 100% accurate



I am going through the exact same thing right now. I havent had my period in about 3 months. I have had a lot of low back pain and if anything i have lost a couple pounds. There is no breast tenderness, no nausea, no tiredness or moodiness, and a hormone pregnancy test came out negative. I am really hoping that Im not pregnant, but still cant help but be scared that i am. i have actually done some research and found that ovarian cysts can cause a woman to not have her period and have lower back pain as well...i went to get my blood drawn to find out for sure...now is the part where you have to wait :-(


Home pregnancy test will only give accurate results if several factors are done right. You should wait till you've missed a period. To early and the results may be wrong. If you have waited to test to far into a pregnancy the results may also be wrong. Home Pregnancy tests don't work all the way through a 9 mth pregnancy.

Blood tests are the most accurate way to go. If you are in your teens to mid 20's it is not uncommon to have an irregular cycle. If you are still worried I would definately get the blood test. If you still haven't gotten your period and the test is negative talk to a doctor and ask them to give you the reasons for not getting your cycle.

We're not experts here. They are the ones that went to school to study these exact things, I would find a doctor I trust and go to them with your serious questions.



I went through a very similiar situation when I was 19. I didn't have my period for 3 mos. Friends all swore I HAD to be pregnant. Tests said I wasn't. I finally went to the Doc and had a blood test. Turned out I was NOT PG, but the stress of a move across country 6 mos. prior had caused the lack of period. Stress can really mess up our bodies.



I have the same problem, I am now 3 months late for my period and have been so sick lately and also urinating every hour. I've also gained 5 pounds and just a week. I have now taken a total of 12 pregnancy tests over the last few months all which were negative. It could be stress but I have 3 kids all under 4 years of age and I know my body when it's pregnant, I feel like I am but the pregnancy show otherwise.



I keep reading these emails on all of you not getting your period for months and months and stressing big time. Dont you know stress is 1 main cause of irregular menstruals. So now by stressing over when it will come you are backing it up further. Try and relax. I was like that and did not get it for 4 months and it came natural . So try and relax, let your body work its way out and you should be ok. If you have any concerns go to the doctor but they most likely will tell you the same thing.

Some of the symptoms could be an ovarian cysts. I know this because I had this. It is very common in women. And the main symptom is irregular or delayed menses.It can cause fairly light cramping near your ovaries to bolted over bad pains, also has dull aches to bad aches in lower back sometimes more on one side then the other. The doctor says every women when getting ready to release eggs develops these cysts and when your menses comes it flushes it out. There is a seldom few times where the cysts get lodged into the ovaries and grows bigger and bigger. Some can get the size of grape fruits. You dont notice it usually until it ruptures which causes the pain. The liquid that ruptures is absorbed by your body so dont worry about that but this could be very uncomfortable.
If you think you might have this, you can see an obgyn they will do a vaginal or regular ultra sound and will see.... good luck all.



i didnt have a period for like to months and i took a test the first month and it came out neg. well i started to cramp really bad in the second month and then i started bleeding. well i already had made an appt with the dr. for that following monday. well when i started to bleed i went to the restroom and when i wiped there was this huge blood clot it almost looked like a piece of liver.

well when i went to the dr. she said that she wanted to take a pregnancy test before she did anything and when she came back with the results they said i was pregnant, that liver looking thing was the sack and i miscarried. basically what i'm getting at is if you think your miscarring and they take a test after the fact, it will still show positive, because even thought you miscarried you still have pregnancy hormones in your body that would indicate that there was a pregnancy. hope that helped.



Planned parenthood is usually very easy to get an appointment with, and you may consider trying them...

Or even a family doctor =)

They are knowledgable.. Most likely they would put you on birth control to regulate your periods.



I also did that when I was about 16 or so. I missed mine for 3 months and went to the doctor. The first time I went, he just told me that I was to active. And he put me on birth control. Well about a year after that, i got off them. Then I started missing again and having pains alot. Very bad pains! We I went to the er and they did a pelvic ct scan, which showed that I had many cysts on my ovaries. I then went to my obgyn and she did an internal vaginal ultrasound and my ovarie looked like it had a pearl necklace around it. She said that meant that I had polycystic ovaries. I had to take provera several times to get my period to start on its own and then i started taking bcontrol again. Yasmin has helped so much with with cysts rupturing and hurting. This may not help, but that is what was wrong when i missed mine.



i'm late 4 month, i take 12 test but all negative now i feel movement i dont know whats going on with me? the doctor said i must back at her 1 month later if my period not show up it just make me feel down when everytime i take a test every 2 weeks



well to tell you the truth i'm in the same situation, i hadnt had a period for like 3 months and took a few test. i thought what was movement wasnt at all. i think it was just my nerves. I think we sometimes think about it to much and our mind plays tricks. Our bodies can do that, i know its strange but true.

I finally went to the dr. on friday and she took another test and come to find out i'm not pregnant but instead what i got was a cyst. its the size of a baseball and i didnt even know it was there. there is also a condition called endometriosis shes not sure if i have that but she did a biopsy to make sure. if you dont know what that is the just google it and it will give you everything you want to know about it.

alot of woman have it, theres not cure for it but its not life threatening either, and you can still have children.

I had an MRI done saturday because she wasnt sure if it was an oviarian cyst or another kind of cyst. i go to the dr. on the 16th and then i will probably have to have surgey to remove the cyst.

I hope you go to the dr. again, i know how you feel about wanting to be pregnant really bad. i have been wanting a baby for a while. last november i had a miscarriage and that sucked, but i guess everything happens for a reason.

If it is meant for us to have children then God will let us, dont try so hard do think about it, it will happen for you. i wish you all the luck in the world in getting what you want. just take care of your self. God Bless!



It is possible to be pregnant and have a period. With my first son I had a light period as well. I know pregnancy varies with people but it surprised me to read that your breasts grew within the first month because milk is the last thing your body needs to produce before the baby is born. I would wait another couple weeks and see if you have another period; if not, take another home pregnancy test. As some people previously mentioned, if you think you are, you're body may be reacting to just that. A mind can play tricks on you especially if you feel very strongly one way or the other about being pregnant. Good luck either way :-)



its possible that you are right about the cysts. why are you having a hard time finding a dr? do you have insurance? you can get almost any dr with most insurance, but i can see how hard it would be if you didnt have insurance. what about some government assistance? well i would definitly try and find a dr. as soon as possible, you want to know if they are cysts or tumors or other things. good luck!


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