Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (2024)

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  • Greg Smedley-Warren
  • July 20, 2023
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Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (2)

Step into our classroom which is designed to spark joy and curiosity and be a space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and FUN! And this year is a new school and new classroom. After 8 years at my previous school, I decided I was ready for a change and moved to a new school. So here is my new classroom!

Note: the room is smaller than my previous room and does not have a closet. We are still waiting on our Smart Panel to be installed. The smart board will be mounted to the front wall above our light-up stage. We will be displaying our center wheels and Secret Stories posters as well.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (3)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (4)

Whole Group Area

This is our whole group area. Our rug is from Alive Studios. The two stages were built by my dad. They are used for seating and accessing the smart board. Our easel is called The Royal Inspiration Station. This is where all whole group instruction occurs, our morning meeting happens here, and our dance party. When we’re on the carpet, students can sit anywhere they want.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (5)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (6)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (7)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (8)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (9)

Click the image to see the easel on Amazon.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (10)

Small Group Area

This is our small group area where we do our small groups, one-on-one work, and assessment when using ESGI! The table was built for me last year because I wanted something more functional than the kidney/horseshoe table. The rainbow drawers are from Michaels and help keep me organized. The stools are from Amazon. The small group area is placed in the back corner because I want as much of the room to be available to the kids and this keeps me out of the way as much as possible. And with this placement, I can see every part of the classroom.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (11)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (12)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (13)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (14)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (15)

Click the images to see the stools on Amazon.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (16)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (17)

We’re also using our new clip-folios and notepads to stay organized in the classroom this year! Click the image to grab some!

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (18)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (19)

Community Supplies

We do not use tables and desks in our classroom so we have community supplies. All of the materials students will need are on the shelf and they can just grab what they need and go! It’s much more efficient and helps with taking care of supplies.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (20)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (21)

Library, Centers, Lockers, And More!

Our classroom library is right at the door to the classroom because reading is front and center! The board behind the library will be used for student work and photographs.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (22)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (23)

These are the literacy center tubs and where my laptop sits. This is Gerdy from Alive Studios. She hangs out in the room and likes to dress up for special events!

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (24)

This is our morning bin shelf. These are STEM bins that the kids play with in the mornings. They’re also used for indoor recess. The pocket chart on the wall is our name chart. I’ll add name cards and photos of the kids. Our lightbox is also here.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (25)

These are student lockers. Instead of cubbies, we have lockers. I’ll be sharing the experience with these as the year goes on. I’ll be adding student photos and names to the lockers.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (26)

These are the math tubs, the sensory bin, and the bathroom!

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (27)

This table is available for small groups and for kids to work at if they choose. You also see our four-sided pocket chart stand.

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (28)

More classroom photos…

Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (29)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (30)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (31)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (32)
Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (33)

Here is a video tour of the classroom:

For more information and details, check out these posts:

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Classroom Setup 2023-2024 (2024)
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