Valentine's Day Games for Work: 31 Lovable Ideas (2024)

Keen to celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually? This romantic holiday offers a welcome break from the bleak winter weather, keeping spirits high into the arrival of spring. What’s more, you can easily incorporate team-building activities into your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Searching for Valentine’s Day games for work events? Below, we’ve picked out 30 of the best activities you can incorporate into your next virtual team-building session.

1. Virtual Trivia

Trivia games are a staple team-building activity and an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day. You can pit players against each other or divide your workforce into small teams. Stick to general knowledge questions or reframe things with a romantic angle.

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2. Create a Valentine’s Day Mixtape

Everyone has a favorite love song, whether they admit it or not. Encourage your teams to collaborate with colleagues to create a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify, before sharing the results online.

3. Virtual Happy Hour

You don’t have to head to your local watering hole for an after-work happy hour this Valentine’s Day. Instead, take the fun online with a virtual team happy hour. Embrace the festivities with a themed co*cktail menu and romance-inspired games.

4. Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without chocolate. This year, why not send an assortment of chocolate samples to your team members and host a virtual tasting session?

5. Virtual Valentine Card Exchange

You don’t have to have an office mailbox for a card exchange this Valentine’s Day.

Instead, encourage your team to create digital ones.

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6. Online Cupcake Decorating

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with indulgent desserts, but few of us can pull off the same results as a patissier. Instead of a virtual cooking session, host a cupcake or cookie decorating activity instead.

7. Virtual Cooking Classes

Many of us have attempted to whip up a storm in the kitchen on Valentine’s Day. Chances are, it’s been mixed results all round. To help your team prepare for next year, host an online cooking class.

8. Virtual Romantic Comedy Charades

It’s difficult to dodge romantic comedies at the best of times. In February, it’s almost impossible. Turn to the genre that keeps on giving this year for a game of rom-com charades.

9. Online Valentine’s Day Bingo

Rather than waiting for numbers to be called, Valentine’s Day bingo encourages employees to socialize. Create bingo cards packed with unique descriptions or bits of trivia associated with particular employees.

10. Virtual Murder Mystery

For some reason, nothing sets the tone for Valentine’s Day quite like a grisly murder. Rather than start picking off your workforce one by one, play a game of virtual murder mystery instead.

11. Day This or That Questions

This classic icebreaker game never fails to raise a smile and you’ll never struggle to come up with a fresh batch of questions. If you’re finding it hard to engage your employees, throw a few ‘this or that’ prompts into the mix.

12. Virtual Pampering Sessions

Promote wellness and self-care with online activities this Valentine’s Day. Embrace indulgence and teach your team self-massage techniques. Teach your team self-massage techniques or introduce them to the concept of mindfulness and meditation methods.

13. Virtual Never Have I Ever

Need an emergency icebreaker to ease the tension? A game of Never Have I Ever can always be relied upon. Why not make it more seasonal with a crop of questions inspired by Valentine’s Day? Find out who’s been at the receiving end of a proposal, braved a blind date, or found themselves double-booked on February 14.

14. Virtual Hidden Hearts Scavenger Hunt

Don’t think you can host an online scavenger hunt? Think again. This February, hide digital heart emojis in shared documents and task your team with sniffing them out, awarding a prize to the person who finds the most.

15. Virtual Bulletin Board

If the social factor is missing from your workforce, bring out the bulletin board. Create a virtual bulletin board ahead of Valentine’s Day and encourage employees to add notes of thanks, pin pictures of romantic getaways, and other festive tidbits.

16. Show Some Love with Virtual Volunteering

Don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? Rather than spend February in a funk, bring some light into the lives of others by embracing volunteering opportunities.

17. Virtual Valentine’s Day Dining

Candlelit dinners are another hallmark of Valentine’s celebrations. Bring your team together this February for a virtual lunch or dinner, giving them the chance to socialize and connect with their coworkers.

18. Virtual Love It or Hate It?

Unlike This or That, there’s no lesser of two evils with this game. Here, players are given a single prompt and need to decide whether it gets the thumbs up or thrown under the bus.

19. Guess the Love Song

We’re overloaded with iconic love songs in February. Turn to this bottomless barrel of power ballads for a fresh twist on this classic guessing game.

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20. Virtual DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Don’t feel comfortable hosting a card exchange? Host a virtual card-making session instead.

21. Virtual Wine Tasting

Deliver a hamper of wine samples to your team members so you can host a remote wine-tasting experience.

22. Virtual Valentine’s Icebreakers

Don’t have time for a dedicated Valentine’s Day party? Incorporate some romantic icebreaker questions into your virtual meetings instead.

23. Virtual Escape Room with a Romantic Twist

Test your team with a virtual escape room, packed with Valentine’s-themed puzzles and challenges.

24. Virtual Pictionary – Valentine’s Edition

Play a virtual game of Pictionary using a Valentine’s inspired vocabulary as your inspiration.

25. Virtual Love Story Contest

Do you have an undiscovered romance novelist in your ranks? Have team members create and share their own romantic tales and hold a vote to decide the best one.

26. Virtual Heartfelt Toast

Bring employees together for a virtual toast where they can express appreciation for colleagues. Encourage everyone to share at least one heartfelt message to set the tone for a memorable virtual Valentine’s celebration.

27. Virtual Love Languages Workshop

Get to grips with the concept of love languages with a virtual workshop to see what communication tips you incorporate into everyday interactions.

28. Virtual Team Building Challenges

Whether it’s solving riddles or completing collaborative tasks, Valentine’s Day-themed virtual challenges are ideal for encouraging teamwork.

29. Virtual Guess the Rom-Com Movie Quiz

Using a selection of stills or quotes as prompts, see how many rom-com favorites your team members can name.

30. Virtual Love Letter Exchange

Organize a virtual ‘love letter’ exchange where employees express thanks to each other in a heartfelt and creative way.


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day at work?

Whether it’s rom-com-inspired games, creative activities, or intimate online lunches, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with colleagues.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually?

Many team-building activities can be carried over into the virtual world. Just make sure you have all the prompts and resources you need ready to go.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually?

Many team-building activities can be carried over into the virtual world. Just make sure you have all the prompts and resources you need ready to go.

What is a fun Valentine’s Day question?

Awkward anecdotes are far funnier than heart-warming memories. Ask your team about bad blind dates, cringe-inducing proposals, and Valentine’s Day dinner disasters.

Many team-building activities can be carried over into the virtual world. Just make sure you have all the prompts and resources you need ready to go.

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

Introducing Virtual Valentine's Day Team-Building Activities

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're keen to celebrate virtually with your team, you're in luck! As an expert in team-building activities, I can provide you with a comprehensive list of fun and engaging virtual activities to incorporate into your Valentine's Day festivities. These activities will not only boost team morale but also provide a welcome break from the winter weather as we eagerly await the arrival of spring.

To demonstrate my expertise in this area, let's dive into the concepts used in this article:

1. Virtual Trivia: Trivia games are a classic team-building activity that can be easily adapted for Valentine's Day. You can pit players against each other or divide your team into small groups and ask general knowledge questions with a romantic twist.

2. Create a Valentine's Day Mixtape: Encourage your team to collaborate and create a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day playlist on platforms like Spotify. This activity allows team members to share their favorite love songs and bond over their musical tastes.

3. Virtual Happy Hour: Instead of heading to a local bar, bring the fun online with a virtual team happy hour. Create a themed co*cktail menu and incorporate romance-inspired games to make the experience more festive.

4. Virtual Chocolate Tasting: No Valentine's Day is complete without chocolate! Send an assortment of chocolate samples to your team members and host a virtual tasting session, where everyone can share their thoughts and preferences.

5. Virtual Valentine Card Exchange: Encourage your team to create digital Valentine's Day cards for each other. This eliminates the need for physical mailboxes and allows team members to express their appreciation and affection digitally.

6. Online Cupcake Decorating: Indulge in the spirit of Valentine's Day by hosting a cupcake or cookie decorating activity. This fun and creative virtual cooking session will bring out the inner pastry chef in your team members.

7. Virtual Cooking Classes: Host an online cooking class to help your team members enhance their culinary skills. Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to try out new recipes and create a romantic meal together, even if it's through a virtual setting.

8. Virtual Romantic Comedy Charades: Embrace the romantic comedy genre with a game of virtual charades. Team members can act out scenes or movie titles from popular romantic comedies and guess them correctly.

9. Online Valentine's Day Bingo: Put a twist on traditional bingo by creating bingo cards packed with unique descriptions or trivia related to your team members. This game encourages socialization and interaction among employees.

10. Virtual Murder Mystery: Instead of opting for a traditional murder mystery party, play a virtual murder mystery game with your team. This engaging activity will keep everyone on their toes and add an element of excitement to your Valentine's Day celebration.

These are just a few examples of the activities mentioned in the article. Each activity offers a unique way to engage your team members and create a memorable virtual Valentine's Day celebration. By incorporating these activities into your team-building session, you can foster a sense of camaraderie and boost team morale, even in a remote work environment.

As an expert in team-building activities, I can provide further information and guidance on any specific activity you'd like to explore. Just let me know!

Valentine's Day Games for Work: 31 Lovable Ideas (2024)
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